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Installation Power Buggy Rental

Daily Safety Briefing and AHA

IMPORTANT!!! When completing this Safety Briefing, you may, at any time, include comments and/or photos to accompany most checked areas. Comments and/or photos are VERY valuable

Job site/work area has been walked by the Foreman, Lead-Man, Safety Rep, or Superintendent to identify safety concerns (i.e. material handling, ladders, scaffolding, access/egress, fall protection, work surfaces, confined spaces, etc.)
Work has been coordinated with other contractors/companies in the area.
Are tools, materials, and equipment available and in safe/good condition, inspected, and marked/tagged where applicable?
Required permits (check all that apply at this project site/work area):

Activity Hazard Analysis (Given this day’s tasks, check all that apply and DISCUSS WITH THE CREW any and all potential prevention and control measures)

check all that apply
Upload Photos
Upload Photos
Upload Photos

Thank You! We received your submission

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